Why Assign Reading at Night Instead of Homework?

Why Assign Reading at Night Instead of Homework?

Once in your life, you may have wondered why schools cannot try doing away with homework and just let the students or children read on their own or play at home. Such thoughts and sentiments are shared among teachers and educators about how the education systems are changing, and knowledge is becoming easily available. Uneven homework loads across various grades do not make sense.

There is a probability that academic success may influence the effectiveness of giving homework to students. Various school homework experiment can prove that reading at night instead of homework can still be effective learning. It gives the reason why homework should be banned and playing instead of doing homework should be considered by schools.

Schools with no homework policy emphasize four key issues:

  1. Students reading just-right books after school, especially at night

To make the issue more effective needs the support of parents, especially for the young children in school.  To make it simple, the school can provide book recommendations. You can give your students a list of books to choose from when reading at night beneficial to their learning.

  1. Encouraging students to go outside and play

The saying, ‘all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is all true. Reading for homework can be a depressing task when a child is forced into it that they may fail to benefit from the whole process. With the no homework policy, children can be encouraged to play more, and should not translate to more screen time but more interactive playing that can positively influence learning.

  1. Encouraging students to eat dinner with their family

Usually, homework keeps children swamped, and they may fail to have time to sit with other family members and eat together. With no homework policy, a student can have time to help set the table and clean around the house. Learning is not about input and output of knowledge but interaction with the knowledge and developing skills. With a no homework policy, some students can be challenged to learn new skills and develop their abilities and talents. A student does not have to spend all his evening time figuring out some math calculation or writing an English paper to make them academically successful. They can develop the habit of reading more independently with the no homework policy based on research findings.

  1. Ensuring a good night’s sleep

Sleep is important for any student to maintain their concentration and focus during class hours. Swamping students with homework that keeps them awake almost the whole night and allows them a couple of hours for sleeping will surely negatively influence your students’ academic performance. With the no homework policy, a student can have adequate rest time to make it easier for them to understand the lesson coverage for the day.


Parents may have different sentiments about the effectiveness of the no homework policy on the academic performance of their students. However, it is important to know that school homework experiment results show that students become creative thinkers and follow their passion in a less stressful way when not burdened with piles of homework from school.

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